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About Best Buds Worm Farm

Our Mission is to provide New England growers and gardeners with a wide selection of natural soil amendments. 

Our flagship product is our worm castings, aka worm manure.  We provide our worms with a diverse diet of local inputs to include fruit and vegetable scraps, leaves, decomposing wood chips and manures for microbial diversity with a balance of beneficial microbes to include bacterias, nematodes, protozoa & fungi 

Our red wiggler worms  were born and raised in Massachusetts.  They live in flow through bins; allowing them to feed from the top, as they would in nature and providing a healthy aerated environment.  This process exceeds 60 days, which enhances the beneficial microbiology in worm castings. 

As our business grows, we are committed to producing premium products to make organic growing sustainable and easy with the help of beneficial microbes. 


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