Best Buds Worm Farm
Leominster, MA

Local producer of high quality worm castings used by
living soil, organic growers & gardeners.  
Hands in the Soil

Best Buds provides New Englander's a very high quality worm castings a/k/a worm manure.   We feed our worm herd with sustainable and  diverse diet of local foods to include fruit and vegetable scraps, leaves, decomposing wood chips and manures for microbial diversity.  Independent lab results of Best Buds Castings show beneficial microbes to include bacterias, nematodes, protozoa & fungi 


Our worm herd was born and raised in Massachusetts.  They live in flow through bins; allowing them to feed from the top, as they would in nature and providing a healthy aerated environment.  This process exceeds 60 days, which supports the beneficial microbiology in worm castings. 



Store Hours

OPEN Saturday's  10 am - 2 pm
See below for directions 
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Text/Phone 978-798-2548

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We are located in garage space at Brooks Pond in Leominster.  It does not have an address recognized on GPS.  Follow directions below:

  • Add O'Reilly Auto Parts, Leominster, MA to your GPS

  • Take Brooks Pond Rd, which is next to O'Reilly

  • You will see buildings on your right and than a pond on your left.

  • Take left at the Bocci courts across from the pond, you will see table & chairs around the courts.

  • Go straight past garages on your left and past 2 small dumpsters on your right (one red one blue) and lawn on your right, after dumpsters.

  •  Our garages will be straight ahead.


     Call/text  978-798-2548