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3 gallons Premium Worm Castings

3 gallons Premium Worm Castings

 Best Buds coarsely sifted  worm castings.  Used by growers throughout  the growing season to promote healthy plants by providing a strong and healthy microbes.  


    Best Buds worm castings are produced by our "best buddies"-our red wriggler worm herd. Best Buds worm castings provide growers with naturally enhanced microbiology to aid in disease-fighting and pest control for thriving plants, naturally

    Starting seeds: Add a thin base layer Best Buds worm castings to the bottom on the pot or planting trench. When germinating, add a pinch of castings to the water.

    Transplanting: Cover the root ball directtly with castings and use 10%-20% of Best Buds worm castings with your soil mixture.

    Established plantings: during the growing season top dress every 2-4 weeks with 1/4 inch of castings within the drip line, scratch castings in or multch over to protect microbes from drying out and water.

    During flowering: Top dressing every 7 to 10 days.

    Using worm castings throughout the life of the plant will help to establish and maintain a healthy plant.  

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