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Charged BioChar

Charged BioChar

SKU: 366615376135191

Our biochar is supercharged with Best Buds worm castings, Best Buds compost tea, local forest soil, North Atlantic sea kelp, feather meal, fish meal, Sea-90 minerals, Azomite, Cascade minerals, Brix Blend minerals, zeolites, humic and fulvic acid.








    The bio char acts as a sponge for beneficail microbes and helps with water retention. The biochar is charged for a month to absorb microbes and allow them to multiply. Your plants will love this concentrated infusion of beneficail microbes over a long period of time. 

    Directions for use

    New Plantings/transplants:  mix Best Buds biochar into soil mix at a rate of 5% volume of soil mix.

    Existing plantings:  Add Best Buds biochar by top dressing; scratching in a 1/4 inch layer to the pot or planting area,  and repeat up to every week every other week for ,the biochar will work its way into the soil.  

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